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Vintage Jewelry Serenity Specializes in Juliana D&E Jewelry.

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About Our Website

We invite you into the magical world of the Delizza & Elster Manufacturing Company and their much-loved Juliana D&E jewelry. Vintage Jewelry Serenity strives to preserve the history behind one of the longest-running jewelry manufacturers of their time—the Delizza and Elster Manufacturing Company Inc; NY, Est: 1949 to 1990s.

About Our Owner

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Our owner and curator, Janet, has been a vintage jewelry enthusiast and collector since the 1980s. One day while researching women's vintage jewelry manufacturers, she discovered and fell in love with the world of Juliana Delizza and Elster (D&E) Jewelry. 


She realized that finding history about the Delizza and Elster Manufacturing Company and a gallery of their much-loved Juliana D&E jewelry all in one place did not exist. So she decided to create a site that would do just that, After much deliberation, our website, Vintage Jewelry Serenity, was born.

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